HANA started anew in 2019, but both its native and Filipino teachers have had five to fifteen years of professional teaching experience. We are not a Spartan academy, but have an open and welcoming approach to our students. Rather than transferring rigid knowledge, we select topics that suit the students’ interests, and choose materials and class style that keep the students fully engaged.

In order to maintain the students’ interest, we try to use multimedia, and student managers from each country help the students choose their own individual programs and teachers.

After regular classes, we encourage our students to go out and explore the warmth and hospitality of this friendly, English-speaking country. Meanwhile, other students are preparing for TOEIC and IELTS exams, with the help of full study materials and experienced instructors. We also provide optional evening classes.

The huge advantage of studying here at HANA, and the Philippines, is that students receive extensive one-on-one instruction from both native and Filipino teachers. This is a unique opportunity, which is not available even to students who study in the U.S., Canada, Australia, etc.


HANA Academy has excellent native teachers. We do not select our teachers simply because they are native speakers, but because they have superb communication skills and several years of experience teaching foreign students. Particularly because of the unique one-on-one opportunity, HANA is a perfect choice for those who are preparing to study abroad.

Our academy was founded by Koreans, but students of various nationalities study together in a free and flexible atmosphere, learning English, making lifelong friendships, and sharing each other’s culture.

For those who are looking to find employment, or emigrate to other countries, HANA has powerful programs to reach target scores in both TOEIC and IELTS. Again, we combine the advantages of one-on-one sessions, with group classes. There are also guaranteed programs, which provide free extra instruction, to those who fall short of their desired scores.
Students also have the option of using multimedia, instead of textbooks, if they find that to be a more effective method of learning English. The students’ level is assessed and correct textbooks are assigned. However, HANA strives to customize each student’s program to their own individual tastes, topics and interests.

HANA is located in a convenient and safe area, surrounded by large supermarkets, malls, Korean restaurants, Japanese restaurants, fast-food outlets, cafes, and right beside a golf driving range. Avid golfers can even take advantage of a monthly discount at the driving range. So, there is no need to travel far, in order to enjoy the city’s amenities. There is also a nearby police station, so students can study without worrying about their safety.

Lot 3-2a Cutcut. Friendship Highway Angeles City. Philippines 2009